Race Briefing 

When you are on the track you are the person primarily responsible for your own personal safety and appropriate gear. 

Remain in control at all times, especially on the steep downhill sections. Out of control riders are a hazard to themselves and others. Ride to your ability.

Normal road rules apply. If you are tired or uncertain of a descent you may wish to walk your bike, be sure to stay to the left.
If you need to get off your bike (eg. going up a hill) move to the left before getting off your bike so others can pass you - don't just stop in the middle.

We have expert medical services at the event village. If you require medical assistance or come across an accident please make your way to the nearest marshal and report the accident.

The track is a mixture of single track and wider stretches, plenty of opportunities to pass, make good choices about where you do it.
Hazards include but are not limited to, open water ways, sharp corners and bridges ect. Please stay on the designated track and remember the track crosses working farm land.

There are some more technical routes, with alternatives available, which are marked, ride to your ability.

Radio communication: as cell phone reception is only available at the start and finish lines, These radios are distributed throughout the course and event village.

Please travel in the same direction round the course at all times, this course is completely one way, don’t turn around, if you have a bike breakdown or similar please walk round to the end of the loop or ask a marshal for assistance

Remember you’ll get several goes at this; take your time, enjoy the ride, take in the view, savour the moment, Ride to your ability!

Given the number of competitors on course relative to the number of support crew, it is likely that in an accident or emergency you as a fellow competitor may reach that person before the support crews do. If so, you should proceed as follows:

If you are the first on the scene please stop and assist the injured/distressed competitor & gather as much information as possible.

Talk to first on scene then proceed to the nearest radio (Aid Station / some Marshalls) to report the situation so we can get expert help on the scene ASAP.

Stop to see if any assistance can be offered and proceed if not. 

Please listen to the volunteers and marshals instructions at all times.
Your race number must be clearly visible and attached to the front of your  bike.

We reserve the right to withdraw any competitor we feel is in distress and would not be capable of completing the event at any stage.
iPods/headphones are prohibited as there may be emergency 4WD vehicles moving through the course. No headphones to be worn at any time.

Aid marshals are there to ensure that all competitors are fit and able to finish the course safely. We have the right to pull you out of the race.
Scotts are our one of fantastic major sponsors, again make good choices about alcohol consumption, stay hydrated.

Access to this private land is only permitted on race day so please respect all private property both before and during the event. Competitors must not take photographs of buildings and homesteads and must not harm, approach or interfere with any stock. Breaching these terms puts future events in jeopardy.

Please give way to any medic or support vehicles on course. Please be respectful of this and move out of the way as quickly as possible.

Timing Chips.
Each team has been provided with a timing chip attached to a strap, which each rider will attach to their left ankle. The strap will need to be exchanged from rider to awaiting team mate before they commence their loop. If the strap is not exchanged the loop will not be counted.
The strap must be handed in after the final loop.

The race will commence at 9am from the start line, select your most able runner! They will run from the start line in this direction round the blue drum, back to their bike at the team’s site hop on and head out the gate in this direction.

Good luck and happy riding!